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The Business Shop - The World Most Lucrative MLM Company

The Business Shop formerly (MLM Shop) is one of the oldest and most powerful also trustful MLM companies of this moment. Today, there were abundant of lives have been changed due to this lucrative MLM system which offer five simple and profitable plans that may allow you to get started at this moment. These five different plans that save money is accessible to everyone.

CEO & Founder

The Business Shop” belongs to “Pedro Fort Marketing Group” owned by the Spanish businessman Pedro Fort who is popular in the international businesses milieu by his tremendous and successful projects either on the Internet (E- Marketing) or barely other projects as Real estate and Oil exploration also Maritime trade and many more interesting and lucrative fields.
If you are interested to visit the head quarter of the company which is located in Florida US, here is the address:
1580 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy Suite 130 Sunrise, Florida, USA.
NB: rendez vous at least before 72 hours, you can do that through the following e- mail address: Manager@fortinvestmentsgroup.com


Business Shop Legality

Its growing global businesses exceeded 150 milliard dollars in 2015 (IDATE,
Emarker 2015)
Various international headquarters (Florida, Barcelona, Cannes, Casablanca...)

Banksthatdealwiththecompany(BankOfAmerica,Payoneer,Payza) and local banks such as “La Bank Populaire” in Morocco.
The contract is devoted to every pack you buy from the company (You download the contract in order to sign it then resend it to the company)
Packs bill
The company is a member in Anti-Money Laundering.

Online advertising is a global market growing! THE BUSINESS SHOP sign advertising contracts in line with large companies and allows its members to participate by buying packs income producing safe and stable 25% per month over a period of 12 months, the packs cost between $ 300 and $ 50,000. If you are a Premium Member ( $49 a month ), you are limited to$ 4,000 packs. If you are a Super Elite ( $1347 for year ), you can buy unlimited packs.

This bonus is gained through referral when you sponsor a godson according to your own status you will touch different bonuses.

  • If you are FREE MEMBER : You receive $ 9 if you refer a person who buys a shop Premium. You touch $ 50 if you refer a person who buys a Super Elite Shop.
  • If you’re PREMIUM MEMBER : You hit $ 9 if you refer a person who buys a premium shop. You hit $ 50 if you refer a person who buys a Super Elite Shop
  • If you’re SUPER ELITE MEMBERYou receive $ 50 if you refer a person who buys a premium shop. You earn $ 135 if you refer a person who buys a Super Elite shop.
When you are a Premium Member, you get gains on the matrix Premium. This is a binary matrix 2×14 forced overflow. You touch gains on listing all the people who will be in the lower levels of your matrix, whether you have sponsored or not. And until the 14th level. You get paid the tab low AND the strong leg! When you are Super Elite member, you get gains on Premium matrix ET on Super Elite die! In the Super Elite matrix touched $ 7 on the inclusion of every person who is in the lower levels of your 2×14 matrix infinity forced!

Monthly activation profit of Premium and Super Elite members

When your referrals will buy advertising packages, you will touch 8% of the package chosen by your friend.


A bonus of 5% of the profits is donated to MLM members SHOP top performer (Only for people who deal with Bank of America) you can get this bonus HERE.

Join us on our team (Brilliant Team) and we will refund 8
of your first pack for any registration of 16/12/2015 to 03/02/2016.

For further details about payments and withdrawals, you need to see our PDF on Slideshare. Do not hesitate to contact us on:

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