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The ultimate Do-Follow Backlinks via VK community

For the time being, Social Media Marketing become one of the most powerful weapon in the Marketing field. A simple brand could become international and dire popular only in several months or one year, for sure it's obvious most of you see most of Bloggers and Marketers rely only on Social Media to enlarge and boost their brand. Yet, this time our article about one of these Social Media neither Facebook nor Twitter, this time about VKontakte Community which is a Russian based social network, recently it becomes one of the most popular social media in the world.

Why my brand should be engaged on VK community ?

Most of you would answer by "There is Facebook and Google plus or Twitter better than VK community". If you are working for SEO in order to promote your website I would say "No", Facebook and others don't work anymore for your SEO in lot of sides. Firstly, they give no-follow links which is low quality and sometimes may be bad for your SEO if you do a lot of it. Secondly, these days it's dire hard to bring traffic from Facebook, because of its greed.

Why VK works better than Facebook pages/groups in SEO ?

My answer is VK community is very high authority (PA: 92 - DA: 97) and Page Rank as well (9/10), not only the question about authority but VK community gives high quality DO-FOLLOW backlinks for your website, which equalize that big push in Search Engines and passing authority to your website to climb first pages in Search Engines.

What are you sticking around wiring for ? Go ahead and size the free golden dish .

I - How to create VKontakte fan page for your website:

Step 1: Go to www.VK.com and create your account or sign up with your Facebook account, It is pretty easy just like that below:
(don't laugh at the Female thing because I was oblivious about that Big Grin)

Step 2: Now go to http://vk.com/groups  and click on ‘Create Community” button.

Step 3: A pop out bow appears in order to ask about your basic information, type the name and choose “Public page” and type the name just as below:

Step 4: Then you redirect to another new window which asks for the type of page, as long as you are promoting your website you choose “Company, Organization or website” then check the Then mark the terms and services as you read and last click on “Create Page”.

Step 4: This is very crucial step, add your fitting information comprise “Name” should be your brand name and “Community link” add suitable one that works for your brand and Vk page as well “Category” choose the appropriate one “Community description” a small and effective description and the rest is piece of cake just like below:

Wohoow, you are done now. Upload a profile picture, add new followers, share it with your friends, be kindly, share something interesting on your Vkontakte public page.

I guaranty, you will earn high quality do-follow backlinks by adding your website or blog URL to the link section of your VK fan page (Here is a pragmatic example)

Enjoy !
Offered by Nourddine Khiti
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