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Blacklisted and dropped into the junk folders Loophole.

To avoid getting blacklisted and dropped into the junk folders, use different email channels or different purposes.

I split email into 3 categories:
  • Business/Personal
  • Transactional
  • Marketing

Business/Personal Emails:
These are emails between 2 people - business or personal correspondence. These will always be people you know or were given their email for a specific purposes. Complaints will be rare but this is a high value email channel. Don't combine it with marketing emails as your risk compromising your business email correspondence.

Transactional Email:

These are automated emails between your business and your customers/web visitors. These include items like shipping notices, forum updates, password resets etc. Typically these 1:1 type emails from an automated system to a person who's interacts with your business in some way. These emails generate fewer complaints and may be combined with personal/business emails if volume is low.

Marketing Email:
These are your newsletters, autoresponders and generally any sales/marketing related emails that are not specific to a 1:1 transaction like those above. These emails generate the most complaints and need to be isolated to their own delivery channel.
Delivery Channels:
For each category of emails, you will want to use a different delivery channel. For example, if you use your server for business/transactional emails don't end your marketing emails from it.

Use a dedicated email marketing service or a 3rd party delivery service like Sendgrid to help you diversity your channels.

I worked with a B2B E-commerce operator that sells promotional items (think conference schwag). They had a lot of email delivery issues until they setup a 4 pronged delivery mechanism.

Business Email - Moved to a hosted email service provider (Office 365).

Transactional Email - sent directly from the server hosting the E-commerce site.

Marketing Email (High Quality)
: This was a marketing list composed of prior customers, people who requested samples or asked direct questions on the site. These were sent via Sendgrid.

Marketing Email (Low Quality): These were purchased lists, conference lists, etc. Send directly from their email service provider (Aweber)

Once they split things up, problems went away. Also this assured that their transactions emails were not flagged as junk. This cut down a lot of staff time resending invoices and shipping notices. Their high quality list went up by 20% due to better delivery.

So the short version -- segment your email delivery by the type of email and you will have far fewer issues.

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