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Five things they don't tell you when you start your online business

It has been around 8 years and I therewith prefer online businesses rather than any other businesses. Yet, this time I found out that the issue is not about the strategies and plans which can lead you to attain sales or reveal Foolproof method to earn massive monthly profit. This time we talk about the morally side and other sides no one has mentioned them before, and It is time to indicate.

1- You are the administrator of yourself:

You are not charged to work hardly, and of course you are not going to be fired. But be sure you won't receive the require profit to pay your bills at least !
The majority believe that It's too easy to work online from home, Yet the fact it is contrary trust me for the people who use to work seriously and deal with the online business such as a permanent job in community. Manage your time and make a schedule for your daily red tape, know the period of having meals and period of having break and social life.
Learn and try to stay effective and productive to the maximum degree.

2- Your Home Is Your Office:

Make a place that can allow you to be comfortable in, try to avoid every single thing that can disturb or parasitize your focus on what you do, equip your room by a convenient chair and good desk lay your laptop on it and start working like you never did before !
Before starting your day you should do your duties, clean your zone and make it looks nice and terrific, arrange your room which can provide a good environment, help your parents if you are with them, if far from them try to balance and bring all the stuff you need in your day.
One of the most wonderful advantages in this type of works is you can work when and wherever you like, why don't you size this feature which other jobs don't have. From time to time when you feel tired or not in the mood take your laptop go beside the beach or sovereign coffee, work and in parallel you are enjoying the coffee or the bewitching views which are in front of you. Don't abound this thing to do not take on and make you away from your businesses which must be done in home.

3- look after yourself:

For the starters who start their online business recently, take a break from time to time or some days in a month or every weekend, you are a humankind and you need some rest to renew your energy just like any other person !
On the occasion of talking about the health and rest, you MUST stimulate the circulation of blood in your body by going to the gym or taking daily exercises with jogging, it is better with a friend. Be sure your weight will increase day after day if you are only staying on your chair without daily movement.

4- You don't have to work 24 hour daily:

One of the hardest period you will face is when you mix your social life with the professional one, and it may harden your life, but thanks God every trouble has its own solution. That's why you should divide your time and be efficient in time management, decide to separate between the two to let you mind focus on each of them in the exact allotted time. You should respect your vocations and week ends, let your time be enjoyable, shy away from every single called laptop or web Marketing or freelancing …

5- You will live a wonderful life:

After a while you will see your businesses online growing up significantly and the profits as well, this is in itself is an achievement because you will take your first step in the E-Marketing and you must be proud. In the other side there are many people work hardly all day long and they don't earn half of what you earn in a few hours. The web Marketing is the future, size the opportunity and challenge every single obstacle you face in the beginning, yet by learning and persevere you will gather huge amount of different experiences then you will be able to manage successfully your online business and Whoo Yeah ! What a great feeling when you are director of a successful company or website and you generate a good income from it.

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