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Why I Migrated from Twitter to Instagram.

I still remember the day I decided to create my own audience base on Twitter, back in 2012, five years ago. I started using Twitter in 2010, yet my first account got suspended because of a policy violation which I don't precisely remember, at a loss, it's another story. When I first started Twitter my objective was to voice my English-based websites, services, products to Anglo-Saxon people, they were intensity interacting on Twitter, not anymore. After a whole year of engaging, creating business relationships and cooperations I amounted to my first ten thousand followers. That time, Twitter was at its zenith, the same thing with Instagram nowadays. I carried on the engagement on Twitter, withing a few months later I noticed a radical change in my Twitter sprightliness, followers are increasing devilishly, a lot of people started contacting me etc.. In that very term I reached 30 000 Twitter followers, not currently. I still remember, my account was the first account in Morocco to achieve that quantum of followers, I avow there were some very active Moroccan Twitter accounts, yet with a teeny number of followers. After a short while, my Twitter activity began to debilitate, month after month until the interaction died. I thought it was my defect, after a while I noticed it is Twitter's one. Then I barely knew Twitter became a tired old mule, as one of my friends depicted.

Point-blank, if that time and work investments have done on Youtube, the results would be now something dandy.

At the present time, I sort of leave Twitter and started to the same story with Instagram, as most of the people believe, I believe it is the new tendency, as far as it is part of the most powerful social network which is obviously Facebook. Presently, I am on track to reach 16 000 followers, this is just the beginning, the aim is much grander than that. Instagram is awesome, clean, easy and very mobile responsive. Above all, it is a good place for your business, only if you sell luxury items such as jewelry, high-end clothing, confectionery (if you are targeting a local business eg: city or region). If your business related to the latter, you can start now promoting your own products on Instagram by posting:

  • Products shown “in action.”
  • Helpful employee and happy customer photos.
  • Photo series that tell stories.
  • Sneak previews of “coming attractions.”
Social media marketing has become a major plan of today's business; it is very important to pay attention to the developments that are occurring in social media, particularly the more lifelike ones. This was my experience how I left Twitter, I.e: why I migrated from Twitter to Instagram. Hope you benefit from it. See also:

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Create Professional Wordpress Website in 10 Minutes

After almost seven years since I quitted Youtube. Today, I decided to get back and started a new Youtube channel rather the old one, which is this. I started the latter Youtube channel in 2011, and I had been working on it till 2014; giving basic tutorials about social media marketing, graphism, English related, funny stuff, etc. At any rate, in today's tutorial, you will be taught easily how to create a professional website within 10 minutes, as far the new Youtube channel, It will only focus on Internet marketing. I will start by creating your own project tutorials, then promoting it, and lately how to monetize it. The latter tutorials would be sort of secluded to only the people I know If you are interested joining us. Feel free to reach me out throughout my email, or Facebook.

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How I Transcend 2 Million View On Facebook Within 1 Week

Recently, I have founded a new brand called AltQania, an Arabic brand with very high quality content aims to spread what is trending in technology by Arabic eyes. In other words, the language used in the website's content is Arabic with a premium/unique design that costs 120$, very spectacular responsive and many other premium Graphic materials. At any rate, this is my first experience in the Arabic market, I want to test it and see to what extent this market could be lucrative. Yet, the results were wonderful! Because my brand new brand goes viral on social media very fast like a flamboyance. I worked many years on English based brands, yet I never compass this virality. This whole embodies that the Arabic niche or barely market is yet fragile so that you can propagate readily.

As a matter of fact, the content I am uttering about is a video that almost reached six million Facebook accounts and has been viewed by two million, and proximately 60,000 shares and 14,000 comments within one single week. This incredible numbers brought as a result almost 62,000 likes. And crazy, tremendous amount of traffic to my website. See picture.

How I did that ? Simple, the steps as below:

1- Use Viral Photo/Video
Internet is filled with videos and photos, attempt to pick one that you are sure would make buzz and head for it (New and trendy are recommended)

2- Timing is Everything
Analyse your fans and study their time zone. Choose a prefect timing to post when most of them are connected.

3- Promote thru Facebook Ad
When you start feeling the post is doing well and reached the majority of your page, more than 95% (normally Facebook alerts you with this), this is the perfect state that will bicycle you to the other step which is seeing your content going viral on Facebook.

These were the main factors that I personally rely on to reach what we just have talked about in this very article. For more tips contact me here.
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